About Us

Midwest Community Services, Inc. (Midwest) opened its doors on December 7th, 2002. Midwest Community Services, Inc. is a private corporation developed to serve the needs of adult consumers with developmental disabilities. Midwest Community Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Thomas and Amy Nowak. Mr. Nowak has almost 40 years of experience in community programming, residential, day treatment, case management, and community support programming.
Midwest was developed to fill the need for additional community resources for individuals relocating from the former Jackson Center and the closing of Hearthside Rehabilitation Center. Midwest provides individualized, person-centered supports, in natural, home-like settings. Midwest is utilizing supportive living options (SLO) within an apartment model. The SLO/supervised visits (SV) model is extremely flexible to meet the unique needs of each consumer served. This program model can support individuals with extremely high support needs and foster the development of independent living skills for individuals transitioning out of group homes or other group living arrangements.
Midwest has been extremely pleased with the successes of the program to date. Midwest has been fortunate to receive very positive feedback from consumers, parents, guardians, case coordinators, and our county supervisor. As the mother and the guardian of one of consumers stated recently at our community neighborhood meeting, "My daughter may have been the last person referred out of Jackson Center, but she received the best placement… they (Midwest) have truly been angels in my daughter's care. She is happier than she has ever been and she is getting the best care she's ever gotten. I don't have to worry about her anymore."
Midwest's success can be largely attributed to the team of well-trained, dedicated Direct Service Professionals, who support our residents. Success can also be attributed to the support of our parents, guardians, and county case coordinators. But most importantly, it is the partnership among all of those who are a part of each resident's network of support that has made Midwest a home for each person served, rather than merely a residential program!
Midwest's mission is to provide high-quality residential support, in a personalized natural setting, for the consumers of our services, their families, and the payers of our services. Midwest truly believes in the partnership between our program, the consumer, the consumer's family/support network, and the funding agents placing individuals in our care. Midwest is currently collaborating with several counties in southeastern Wisconsin to develop additional bed capacity to support individuals in need of community placement.